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The Prize

The Prize

Tension in the crowd….

"And the winning prize is"...... drum roll…

tension increases….

"Though you cannot claim it”....

huh says crowd...

"But everyone get's it”...

Yeah roars the crowd..

“Except it’s not an it”

Huh roars the crowd

"big or small..ignorant or wise..quiet or loud...evil or loving"....

Yeah roars the crowd.

And you didn’t even need to enter the competition

what!!.. rumbles the crowd.

drum roll....oooo.... crowd waits....oooooo...more drum roll...ooooooo....ahhhhhhh....ooooo..

And the winning prize is” ooooo

Come on.. shouts crowd. Tell us.

"are you ready..AND THE WINNING PRIZE


"what is appearing to happen, however that is"

Silence descends…….everyone looking at each other.

"That's stupid" rumbles one of the crowd.

"Yeah. That's stupid" Crowds gets louder..

"Ur an idiot" roars some at the front.

“Fucking cheat” Crowd goes crazy…

The anger continued for a while, not sure how long and then somebody turned around and noticed the sun coming down. Some parents realized that they had forgot to collect their kids and rushed off. Two people arrived late when everyone was leaving. One man said he couldn’t stop laughing. Few guys went for drinks afterwards. Furious they were. They didn't get home till very late. Their wives were so annoyed. Two thieves had a field day robbing wallets. Another woman couldn’t hear a word because the battery in her hearing aid went. She tried asking what the prize was but nobody would answer. Sarah would have loved for her father to have been there and wished she could have paid attention more. He would have loved the way the trees formed an archway into the venue. Those autumn colours. The loss. Nobody will look at her like her Dad did, she thought. John couldn’t remember where the hell he had put his car. David really couldn’t get over how Anna lied about where she was the other night. And still she expected him to come along to these stupid things. Charlotte stayed until everyone left and picked up the rubbish left behind..She was annoyed by how everyone always leaves a mess..... And I remember seeing you in the distance. Your eyes. That face that gives nothing away. You will never know how beautiful you are and how much I love you.

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1 Comment

Jan 21, 2023

great story... to realize this gift is the prize. and it can be paraded through the town afterwards as an old rusty bike

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