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Water Falling

Words appearing.

Dancing using dancing to express dancing.

Sands falling using sands falling to express sands falling.

Water falling using water falling to express water falling

And words using words to express expressing.

This sings however it does as it does.

It’s this baby.

Whatever is appearing to happen

And this ‘whatever is appearing to happen’

is unfolding exactly as it does

An unfolding that is appearing as describing.

Not apart from.

And there is no unfolding.

Just words knitting what is into the most wondrous tapestry of endless story.

Words wording.

You cannot get to what is. And you cannot NOT get to what is.

That is all there is my darling.

And you cannot do what is or not do it.

There is no bridge to ‘what is’..

There is no you to fall away to get to 'what is.

No you already.

Just what is.

And yep there isn’t even ‘a’ what is.

just eh………


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