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I guess groups give the impression that there is something in common and shared.

Groups can also give the impression of consensus of opinion and also then its partner feeling out of the consensus. This. Does not need a consensus. Does not need approval or a group to gather and a vote for everyone to say yes we all agree this is it. This is ordinary this. There is nothing to agree upon. What is. Is what is. And what’s not. This. However this is.

Whilst the words appear the same some of the time, I have no idea what’s going on behind the words. Honestly not a word is true. Not a word is real. Nothing is real. That’s the killer. And the freedom.

Just hey look this.

And yet watch out for the bus, that rash or the dog poo.

It also seems that certain voices resonate more. A little tickle perhaps or a awh yeah..lovely expression. But just that. Not that I agree. I have no idea how it is for apparent others. I hear voices and words somehow happening saying that they feel seperate or voices saying look it’s this. And there will be a reaction to either somehow sensing that whatever reaction happens appears and disappears.

This is not a free ticket. I can’t tell you how often I apparently screw up. Hahaha. Yeah. Probably annoying my wife sitting on the couch writing this and not making the dinner. Hahaha.

The word tree is not a tree anymore. It’s look’s.. a..oh yeah it’s a tree. But look...

My own hands seem to give as much a wow reaction as writing this or my wife sneezing beside me. It’s a gentle wow. And it’s not really a wow. Ah but it is. Isn’t. Is and isn’t. Holy fxxk maybe. Neither. Both. Woohoo.

This. Vulnerable. Wide openness. Cluelessnessing. Fully alive. This is incomparable. So call it anything you want. Unconditional potato. Unconditional cloud. Unconditional love.

Already home darling. Never left. The possibility of departure was the dream. Always cradled. Always held. This. x

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