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Regular meetings are now held for Patreon Supporters. I do free ones when I can. Please register if you want to hear about those. There is a half day once a month online also


“Life. This. What is. What appears to be happening has no name.”

I am looking to organize meetings on zoom and a live meeting somewhere in Dublin, Ireland. Please email if you would like to attend or would like to know more.

The meetings are a sharing about the unbelievable suggestion that there is just what is. They have nothing on offer. Not a thing to gain that is nothing. Nothing. A pointless meeting, empty of any personal requirements, beliefs, prescriptions or advise and full to the brim with whatever appears to happen.

Non-duality is the suggestion that is nothing apart. One with out asecond. Wholeness. However it seems that ‘life’ can appear as real, personal, and knowable. There is also a description suggesting that life, what is or what appears to be happening is unknowable. An unknowing that is not a state or experience. 

An unknowing, where all concepts dissolve. Even concepts dissolve.


It's the suggestion that  “there is what is”, a “what is” that cannot be named. And does not need to be named. A what is, that is incomparable and has no other. And yet includes all the names, ideas and stories that appear for it. Nothing is denied.  It's the wow that wow appears. A what is, that is no one's.

And if you are not utterly put off by that, please add your name to the list and let’s see what happens.

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