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Confusion & Clarity

No education, pointing, path, learning, intention, attention will get you to what is.

Unknowing Darling. Remember. Forget.

Where confusion is the same as clarity.

‘What is’

May be the miracle

That is unknowable.

The lack of any explanation

For ‘What is’

Can perhaps,

be the utter freedom

that is longed for.

Though it’s already the case.

In every doubt, belief or insight.

This edgy wow.

This groundless alive....

Ordinary inexplicable having a cup of coffee

Is as knife edge as a cliff's edge.

Already darling, here we always are

Floating in the forever after.

Together for never.

Remembering that remembering is a dream.

Not knowing what knowing is.

Bound as Boundless.

Home as homeless.

Till suddenly. This.

Not 'a this'

just is.

and is not.

Ordinary scratching an arm filled with thoughts.


holy moly quacamole.


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1 Comment

catalin aionitoae
catalin aionitoae
Nov 28, 2023

roly poly what a story

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