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Found some responses to conversations I had. Putting them here as I liked re-reading them


Unknowing has a rare sound. Interestingly it’s also clear there is nothing to agree on. Amazingly it’s not about the words being said. There is also no message. This includes everything including the seeking for it. And it’s not an it. There is no nonduality. This is actually total unconditional everything appearing as a commentary about the emptiness. Empty and full to the brim of everything. Both at the same time. Present ing. Happen ing. Life ing. No-thing-aginging :). This is like whatever is happening exactly as it is.

There is nothing in it for that which is used to acquiring something. Because there is no one doing the seeking. Never lost. But never found. In a sense it can be felt as confrontational or as cold because the mind can't imagine that it's already it's own attempt to imagine that is the miracle. Somehow happening. That it's what is. However what is appears to be. Which can be in utter transfixion into anything. In essence the ordinary is always overlooked for an idea of what it should be or could be. It must be sitting cross legged. It can't be biting nails. Perhaps it's a cup of coffee. Held eye contact with a random stranger. The wind hitting your face. Frustration at where you put your phone. The losing of a wallet. The appearance of anything happening. When there is no one. Everything just is how it is. And if there is a felt sense of there is someone, that is happening also. If there was someone doing being a person and doing being in a body, it would surely struggle to get the heart to pump and the hairs to grow and also struggle to deliver it's own absence when it had nothing to do with it's own arrival..This that looks prefers the headlines to the incomparable something that is happening.. Any realisations are the same as any questions...This emptiness is already fully cradling any seeking.. And when this ends, it's just a gentle dissolution into life as it is. Exactly as it always was. What you get is life. You just dont get to get it.

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