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Updated: May 10, 2021

This. What is. What is happening.

The phenomenality of something happening.

Does not have anyone doing it.

Just what is. Not 2. Already.

This. Is. Boundless. Timeless. And beyond words.

Presenting as everything that is appearing to happen.

Emptiness full as an apparent description.

This description requires no belief, education, practice or path.

Just describing appearing.

Not to anyone or for anyone.

It has no meaning or purpose.

It is it’s own appearance.

Like leaves leafing or grass grassing

Words wording appearing to describe describing.

The content is energetic

Whatever reaction to these words is just that.

No one is pulling the strings or doing reactions.

Just reactions.

There is no vagueness in these words.

They are not pointing to anything beyond their own appearance.

Call this oneness, noneness, wholeness or “...........“.

It’s simply Not anything. Nor an it.

This description is not intellectual or to do with understanding.

Seeking for this, is also this energy, appearing as that.

You cannot attain your own seeking. It’s what is.

You cannot attain your own absence. There is only absence.

Appearing however it does.

Empty & Full to the brim with what is.

However that is.


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