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Open seeing in which the appearances seen and the sight of are liquidised together to be this openness.... Nothing apart. This is. So impossibly beyond the mind and includes the mind that I have no idea what to say. I have no idea what to say is the same as speaking for a thousand years without taking a breath Neither one closer or further away. Beyond the words. There are better words and better descriptions everywhere. More clear and certain. But still it seems that I like to have a go At describing this. It seems that is what appears to be happening. Words written by a character somehow in awe describing this ever new old dance. And they come through me But here on this page now appear sourceless and empty. Clean and fresh that I read back like someone else wrote them. Nobody wrote them. Oh man.

This ease that appears This relaxed ness with how things are This ease of the body These words appearing This unheard nattering voice. Dare I say this is the greatest story ever The greatest play The most wondrous of any possibility The appearance of being alive Of apparently being Of having a life and Living a life. A full on multi dimensional sensory apparent happening including everything. And somehow this is seen through. But only apparently.

It’s the end of realisations And seeing that all realisations are only apparent.

This wondrous appearance interwoven and liquidised already into nothing. This electric alive ever pervasive centreless happening. All of everything, already always, here with the appearance and here without the appearance. The appearance. All of it.

So far beyond and yet already just this.

And somehow then I am in awe How can awe be empty and awe and nothing at all. Empty awe. Free to be awe struck and dumbstruck.

The royal us appearing as you and me Never one nor two Never apart.

We are a mystery to ourselves. Because we are not. And so even mystery is only apparent. And appearing Never found. Never lost. Our eternal dancing. Our eternal song to ourselves Oh you oh me. I shall love us forever. If love was real and if I was real and you were too and forever was real

in dreams though we shall love ourselves forever.

And still this is All that is.

Man. Oh. Man

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1 Comment

Sébastien SAULEAU
Sébastien SAULEAU
Dec 23, 2021

I really don'k know where these words are coming Franck but Man. Oh. Man. 😄

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