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Our Forever After

I just got up out of bed there The clothes dryer was on. It was too loud. Drives me Fucking nuts. But That this Happening Happens. Blows my brains More. I mean totally. Blown. It’s not ordinary It’s extraordinary And yet it’s the worst story ever I just turned off the stupid dryer And climbed back into bed.

That something is happening Appears to have a recognition In our dream. And that’s As Smooth as The wind and the rain. And your thoughts. And the Crunch of an apple


Look thoughts about how ordinary this stupid story is.

Who would want to wake up? No one baby. Already.

Hey: Look. Hands typing. Can’t believe You would read a word of this.

Ordinary this baby. Wait till The next bit.

Yesterday I stared at a fox for 20 seconds We both knew that I was the only one calling the other a name. He left. Think he was hungry. Apparently foxes Are clever. I just liked How he stood there and stared.

Woooo. Looks it’s a sky. Can’t believe it’s blue again. I wish cigarettes didn't cause cancer but I hate hospitals more. Maybe just a few now and again. They are lovely with conversation and beer.

You know it’s only us don’t you baby. Just us Darling. It’s Our fornever after

Us and that Fucking Taxman

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