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Saw someone posting that suffering is self imposed.


If you happen to be seeking and you read that (Suffering is self imposed) you may believe that you are responsible then for 'your' suffering or that you are doing something wrong and not like others who haven't imposed said suffering and are free from suffering. You might believe that you can stand back from it, not get involved in it, distance yourself from it etc etc etc.

The only words that come out here are to that are. There is no one. You are not doing the suffering. You are not doing anything wrong or right. It's happening. Appears to be happening. There is no you doing anything. Already. No you that will realise this. Just what is. However that is. That is the only love and it sure as shit ain't my love. It's the love. Already the suffering is what is. What is freedom like. Like how it is. However that is. Till Suddenly. Boom. Suffering. Just as it is. Suffering without any story about imposition or self. Nothing is denied.

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