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Gotta say I am utterly bored of prescriptive advise. It’s the absolute opposite of love. It’s entrapment. ‘I’ can show ‘you’ the way. Can you please show everyone who is going to go beyond the words.. This. Is. Everything. Already. Total vulnerability. Total rawness. Total openness. It’s not an attainment, a shift or anything at all. It’s this. It’s fully alive. Not apart from the thoughts. The thoughts. Plus the feelings. The air. The leaves. The seeing. The heart beating. It’s full on what’s happening. The lock stock and two smoking separate barrels. And you cant get there. Cos already you are what is. It’s the words, the confusion, the inspiration, the boredom, the insights, the excitement, the desolation. Already you are home. Already safe in total safelessness. Already. This. This. Whatever is is what is sought. It’s you. However it is. and you can’t accept it. Or hold it or capture it. And if trying to capture is what’s happening, that is what is. No you doing anything. Already. Including the sense that you definitely are. x

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