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To be lost in the dream of finding.

or for there to be nothing to say about anything. And still words seems to bubble up up up and out. not unlike a musician improvising these words are the sound of nothing being said. This is nothing being said. Dancing and delighting in their own rendition. Going places they have never gone before. and yet never departing from what they are. If I say this is miraculous even if there is total frustration It's just frustration. And it's fucking miraclous. It's also nothing. Miraculous is not a judgement. Nor something attainable Or something special or something worth having. It's the sense of the unfathomable. And no you can't have it Baby..cos it's already as you wanting it. that's miraculous too. Keep on looking baby. Cos it's also the looking. And whatever you say is what you are saying. This is not a website These are not words This has no meaning There is nothing on offer. This is nothing being offered. Here is nothing in a jug served. Drink. It will kill Your Thirst. And all that will be left is Thirst Just total in loveness with the colour of colour. Singing and dancing and playing and dreaming. Nothingining and everythingininigng. Fulling and emptying. It's the only song I seem to be able to sing now. Fuck anyways. Thought I was gonna write a love song about you and me baby. This sentence is a description of nothing appearing to be described. Woohooo... Let's dance all night baby to the sound of sound.

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