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Waves, Ferris Wheels and our dear sweet nothing

Nothing happens

Not a thing that is nothing. Nothing baby.

and this wave of nothing that comes and takes you away doesn’t touch one hair on your head and yet you are utterly drowned swept away forever but left perfectly in place appearing exactly as whatever appears to be happening.

It's that nothing happens. If it was even the tiniest thing you'd want it back baby.

It's total love.

The invisible ferris wheel constantly turning Picking up no one. And dropping no one off. leaving you exactly as you are. whilst cradling every sorrow and every joy every thought, every feeling and every confusion. Nothing cradling everything. Including seeking for nothing.

There is no ferris wheel and you'll never have to get on it. You are already the sea appearing as looking for waves.

You are what is seeking what is. This. This baby. Seeking.

Not better or worse. WHAT IS. However that appears to be.

You won’t catch even a drop of nothing. NOTHING might catch you baby and then it's a free-fall ride on the invisible ferris wheel for no one. Hold on baby. You might even puke you'll be so disappointed. hahaha

And then all you might say is

Nothing happened Not a thing that is nothing. Nothing baby.

Our dear sweet nothing. x Woohoooo....

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